01. Promote

02. Create

03. Communicate

  1. 01. Promote

    Being able to communicate, ensuring presence, informing, promoting oneself, these are all fundamental to successful entrepreneurial activity. External press and communication unions (as well as the direct unions with employees, distributors, retailers) constitute strategic activity for any business: you need to know what you are doing, however, at the same time, you must be able to pass this responsibility to those who know only too well what they are doing. Following years of work dedicated to the creation and consolidation of valued, loyal relationships with journalists of hardcopy media distributed via newsstands, subscription, trade, but also journalists within new media and radio-television network circles, the Mazzucchelli & Partners team can rely on a network of partners, contacts and synergies. Our presence is firmly established within the caravanning, nautical and automotive sectors, and after having consolidated relationships with publications worldwide, we are able to offer an International press agency service. The network of press relations which every fellow worker at Mazzucchelli & Partners has established throughout the years, allows us to offer, all those who entrust their communications media to us, privileged access to media. Additionally, we are able to manage collaborative relationships with web-magazines, blogs, forums and social networks, tools which have created new third Millennium information media dynamics.

  2. 02. Create

    Mazzucchelli & Partners offers a complete range of services to follow customers in the development of their corporate image. A unique partner can offer the opportunity to innovate, analyze, and restyle the coordinated image, logo, brochure, catalogues, posters. Our professional team can also project magazines and house organs, graphics illustrations, advertisement, static or dynamic banners. The activity of web design is covered by experts in on line communication, able to enhance all the opportunities offered by the web 2.0 and the flexibility of the new CMS systems, creating dynamic web sites, quickly and reducing costs. Our activity also involves research, planning and creating suitable promotional campaigns, organising thematic, specific events designed to amass visibility and prestige, researching and creating corporate graphic solutions, promotional videos, web restyling. Each of these specializations falls under the category of large-scale communication. A modern communication model should comply with target-audience requirements, defined together with companies, and should look towards increasingly informal, dynamic and lively information media. The team is led by Antonio Mazzucchelli, a professional journalist, with many years experience working on monthly publications dedicated to the automotive, sailing, caravanning and touring sectors.

  3. 03. Communicate

    Mazzucchelli and Partners represents an integrated communications business partner which offers information media and corporate image consultancy to private and public companies, in addition to associations. Our Group studies the dynamics governing information media, although our principal aim is to provide specialist press service management. We strongly believe that, nowadays, a press agency should be organised right down to the finest detail and that it should leave behind the more traditional communication methods. Visibility, within the current information media situation, is attained via the identification of suitable strategies and via a series of relationships, established over time, as well as by winning the loyalty of information media operators themselves. Mazzucchelli and Partners is based on this very concept. An operational Group compiled solely of journalists boasting management of National, daily and periodic publications and who have worked alongside the most prominent Italian information media bodies. Our contacts with both the local and National press allow us to keep ahead of trends governing press releases and provide us with good insight on the various media, which we select according to Client requirements, favoured means, sectors and areas which require increased visibility.

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