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Powerful marine macerator toilet equipped with high-tech electronic bidet

This new product has been designed to meet the requirements of new yachtsman, often coming from non-European areas, where the sanitary design and hygienic habitudes are different compared to European’s.

Pamela Makin Les Interiors

The E-BREEZE combines the proved reliability of Tecma marine toilet systems with the innovative technology of the electronic multifunction bidet. The installation is easy and ideal for interiors where there is no space for a separated bidet or where weight saving is required. A full set of certifications guarantees the quality of this new product: CQC, CE, IC, IEC, IECEE, EN1717. The multifunction electronic bidet is activated by an elegant wireless remote control. Once again Tecma combines hygiene and technology in to a heavy duty and fully certified marine solution. Discover all the functions of this new product at www.tecma.eu


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